How Your Heavy Equipment Business Can Reach More People With Social Media

A heavy equipment machine operator taking a picture with his phone of an excavator digging rock to use on social media.

When it comes to heavy equipment, you’re the expert. You’ve got a knack for knowing what machines you need to get the job done. But there’s a set of machines you may not know as much about that can help you reach more people and pave the way for your business online:

It’s social media. 

Businesses use social media platforms to get their name out there, build trust and connect with people. They use it as an opportunity to tell the story of their business as it unfolds so that anyone can know who they are and what they do.

A graph showing the amount of consumers that found products on social media in the past 3 months
Hubspot  – How Each Generation Shops in 2023:

Social Media and Big Numbers

You ask, “Are the people who matter really on social media?” Yes. The amount of people who use social media is staggering and a huge portion of them visit social media during the buying phase.

LinkedIn has 922.3 million members worldwide – it’s the global hub for professional networking​. Over 43% of those people are male between 25 and 54 years old with 222 million of them living in the US. As the keynote speaker and author Troy Harrison says, “If you’re not on LinkedIn, there’s a good chance you’re losing business to someone who is.”

The numbers are bigger for Facebook, with over 2.91 billion on the network worldwide, including a significant percentage of the adult population in the United States. Some heavy equipment dealers have even started selling machines directly through Facebook.

A chart showing the main reasons Americans use the internet

Since roughly 58% of working-age people use the internet to find information and over 54% use it to stay in touch with friends and family, it’s a good bet that your customers are browsing social media for personal and professional networking, researching dealers that would be a good fit, and finding industry-specific insights that help their business grow. 

And of course, many companies use LinkedIn for hiring because 61 million people use the platform to search for jobs each week. While social media posts for hiring are more ideal for finding sales and administrative job candidates, use within blue-collar industries like construction and heavy equipment has been on the rise since 2021.

A bar graph showing the amount of adults that used social media by platform from May 2022 to May 2023

Everyone’s Looking for Answers

It’s true – everyone’s looking for answers all the time. On social media, people get answers about both people and their businesses.

For instance, LinkedIn’s data shows that sales people who use social media to close accounts have 40%-50% more new business than those who don’t. These figures highlight the big role social media plays in the buying process, with 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of executives using social media to inform their purchasing decisions​​.

For businesses that sell, having a good presence on social media is a must. It’s where people are researching and talking to each other at their own discretion. They talk about what they like, they talk about what they do, and they definitely talk about what they buy and who they buy it from.

A chart showing the amount of sales companies have made using social media to sell in 2023

The Heavy Equipment Economy is Social

It isn’t about how many posts you make. It’s about building a following with memorable posts that together, tell a story. When people follow your social media page, they’re asking for an encore to whatever post you made that got them there. 

If you make and share a variety of videos, podcasts, images, photos, events, and newsletters as your business on social media, you’re more likely to gain followers because some people only pay attention to certain kinds of media. The more followers and engagement you get, the more people in their networks will also see your posts. It’s one big snowball-effect and it’s how you expand your overall market share with social media.

Also, joining and sharing in specific groups on LinkedIn and Facebook as your business is one way to find people already in your industry. That’s because people who join these groups have already signaled that they want to see posts from businesses like yours. Some dealers and OEMs are getting up to 30x exposure beyond their Fans every month because they know where to share their posts and when to share them for the most impact.

A screenshot from LinkedIn showing Heavy Equipment business groups that can be joined for stronger engagement

Using your social media as a brand development machine isn’t just about reinforcing your brand name and trying to sell products; it’s about building trust by telling a story that digs deeper into the foundation of your business and its values. This can’t be stressed enough – using social media to grow your business isn’t advertising; it’s joining in a much larger conversation that helps people find more than what they’re looking for without having to dig through all the dirt themselves to find it.

Picking Up What You’re Putting Down

When people click, share, or comment on your posts, it means they are making a mental note of your brand and your business. Since you can post each day, it lets you keep your company’s name top of mind for buyers and the people they are connected with.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube can be used to tell your company’s story from different angles with all different kinds of media. That means posts shouldn’t just talk about what your equipment can do; it should show people who’s behind the business and the equipment you use and sell.

Over 70% of adults aged 30 to 64 are active on at least one social media platform. Surprising, right? These aren’t just folks sharing vacation pics or catching up on news. They’re also using social media to research and connect with businesses, including those in the heavy equipment sector.

A chart from PEW research center showing the average age of users on different social media platforms
PEW Research Center – Social Media Fact Sheet January 2024:

But here’s the real scoop: It’s all about your ability to be strategic. Potential clients are already on these platforms, following industry news, joining groups dedicated to construction and agriculture, or even sharing their own experiences with various equipment. They’re not just passively scrolling; they’re actively seeking information and recommendations.

Learning from the Best

We get it, learning how to use a new machine safely and effectively is never easy.

Jumping into social media might seem like stepping into another world. It takes time to learn and a little bit of talent and know-how to come up with a strategy that gets people to want to see your posts more. Doing it yourself can be a challenge, but you can always hire someone with more experience to do it for you.

The bottom line? Social media can help you get your business in front of more eyes, including the folks who are looking for what you’re offering. Selling through these channels means making connections that turn into sales down the road.

A graph from LinkedIn showing statistics about the benefits of social selling on LinkedIn
LinkedIn – Social Selling: Definition, Benefits & Tips for Sales Leaders:

Here’s a list of 6 different platforms and their uses for heavy equipment dealers and OEMs: 

  • Facebook – Sharing updates, events, and news. Running targeted ads. Creating a business page for reviews and interactions.
  • Instagram – Sharing high-quality images and videos of products. Using Stories for promotions. Engaging with customers through comments and DMs.
  • LinkedIn – Sharing industry insights, company news, and professional content. Networking with industry professionals. Posting job openings.
  • Twitter (X) – Providing customer support. Sharing quick updates and engaging in industry conversations. Utilizing hashtags for visibility.
  • YouTube – Creating tutorial videos, product reviews, and behind-the-scenes content. Embedding videos on your website or other social media.
  • TikTok – Participating in trends relevant to your business. Creating short, engaging videos to showcase products or entertain.

Not Rocket Science, Just Business

Social media platforms are the machines that move mountains online. Using them effectively isn’t about quick sales or becoming an internet celebrity. It’s about paving a digital landscape for your business and inviting everyone in your network to share in your story.

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